Thursday, December 13, 2012

Final_Alfonso.Amir.Matt.Peggy - Concerto in W Minor

Concerto in W minor, is an attempt to materialize another aspect of site’s environment offering a different atmosphere at the threshold between lake pathway and the playfield of the Morningside park. The movement of wind through the permeable aggregation of proposed module (in form of wall, divider, arched gate, …) and the series of cavities in between them, creates a variations of noise frequencies, a secluded atmosphere for people who walk by the installation.
The project manifested in a manipulate a simple brick into a system that interacts with the site while it keeps its construction/assembly method intact. Concerto in W minor operates in broad range of wind velocity and constantly offering a new level of atmospheric affect.

Final Presentation _ Claire(Can), Emily, Melissa

Final Presentation_Yiqing&Ruomei

"Trash Cast" (oln2101, jm3857, ase2119)