Tuesday, October 30, 2012

AMPS Reasearch by atelier nGai - Precedent Study

I am interested in modular systems, especially when the aggregation of a single module could be used for different settings and purposes.


  1. Amir, this is a great precedent project to study. I'd look further at several things:
    - On Studio Ngai's website - http://www.tedngai.net/uncategorized/amps-research.html - "Research and design of the Active Modular Phytoremediation system. System geometry is based on the I-WP Triply Periodic Minimal surface, one of the 13 of its kind technically described by Alan Schoen in his 1970 paper. The geometry has many properties that makes it ideal for creating a modular wall system that is also a plenum as well as housing a large number of integrated hydroponic and electronic equipments."

    What makes this sort of geometry ideal for a modular system? Does this triply period minimal surface perform well structurally? So, investigate the geometry further.

    - The system functions because of porosity. It allows for a high degree of flow through the system while still hosting plant growth. How can you explore porosity in your project? What flows will you try to harness? What will your project "host"?

    1. One more thing: this precedent may or may not have anything to do with casting and formworks. Or was a form of casting ultimately used to produce the system? Why did they do it that way (or not)?